WinPLC Utils


WinPLC Utils

WinPLC Utils consists of are a set of utilities for managing devices from Automation Direct.

  • GUI utilities for finding and configuring WinPLC devices.
  • Java Communications library for finding and interacting with these devices.

I also have some tools and utilities that may or may not ever be released. Whether or not they are released depends on interest and how much time I have to clean and polish the code. So, these may be added as time permits. And if sincerely interested, you are certainly encouraged to make requests.

  • C++ Communications library. Currently not as complete as the Java version.
  • Embedded tools for NutOS to talk to these devices, which may or may not ever be released.
  • EPICS driver.

The PLC browser has read/write support for interacting with these PLC's. It can also force inputs and outputs.

These utilities have only been tested with Entivity version 7.2. Other firmware versions may work, but I recommend getting the latest firmware release.

If you looked at the screenshots, the answer is Yes, I shamelessly ripped off the transparent daemon. I promise not to keep him.

This project was created Nov 18, 2007. Check back for content updates through December.

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